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November 26, 2012
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RussiaXReader (Another Lemon)
You were looking across the way in your class room to the Foreign exchange student from Russia, His name was Ivan Braginski. You took to him quite well, it was hard not to. Those violet orbs and that hair that looked gray in normal lighting but when hit by the sun light it looked platinum blond. You had a big crush on him but you couldn't get the courage to go up to him and introduce yourself. But one day you just finely went up to him after school was over. You walk nervously to him.

"Hi, Ivan" he looks down to you in a confused look "Oh, hello. Who are you?" you try to look in his eyes "I'm <F/LN>" he smiles back to you and leans down and gives you a soft peck on your lips witch made you blush red and you back up a bit "You just, kissed" he tilts his head back "I was just saying hello back" you avert your eyes from him "Sorry, did I do something wrong <Name>?" you blush more "well, you kissed me" he continues to smile "that's how I greet people in my country"

Your eyes still don't look to his "hey <name>?" your heart beats hard when he said your name in his Russian accent "yes Ivan?" he looks away from you for a sec "will you, be my подруга" you look up to him with soft eyes "Pardon? What was that last part?" he blushes more "подруга" you say back "which means?" he hides his face in his soft pink scarf "Girlfriend" your face lit up bright red again "wha-what?!"

You couldn't believe it the one who you were crushing on just asked you that. "Well, you are first person who has come up to me, so I figured you being my girlfriend would keep you even closer to me" you let out a small laugh at his words " You know I don't have to be your girlfriend in order for me to stay, but since you asked I wouldn't mind" he un hides his face from his scarf and looks to your <e/c> eyes "now" a smile broke across your face "how do you greet people again?" He got what you wanted and leans down placing his hands on your shoulders softly and softly presses his lips to yours, they felt warm and gentle.

(Time skip!)

"Hey Ivan?" he looks down to you with a smile "yes <name>?" you grab his arm softly "My parents are going to be gone for the weekend. May I spend the weekend at your house? If your host family don't mind" he smiles more "Da. I would love that, and don't worry they will be out." He opens the door to his house "looks like they all left, you can sit down <Name>" you sit down but a feeling overwhelms you "oh crap, not now" you say to yourself. "<Name> are you okay?" Ivan says as he sits next to you "oh yha, I'm just fine"

That feeling you have is getting stronger and you start to squeeze your legs "Do you have to go to the bathroom?" you look at him shook at his question "what would give you that idea?!" he looks down to your tightly squeezed legs "your legs are squeezed pretty tight <Name>" you blush hard "I'm just a bit antsy that's all" he tilts his head to the side "Antsy?" you blush more looking away "If I tell you, promise not to judge me?" he grabs your hand softly "now why would do that?" you say softly.

"I'm turned on" his eyes went to soft to a surprised look "there, now you know" your look down and away from him "Why didn't you just say?" you feel his hand touch your face softly bringing it to face his " I don't think there's anything wrong with that" he places his lips to yours and asks for entrance immediately. You open your mouth and his and your tongue meets. He pushes himself on you, were you could feel his chest against yours. Your hand gets entangled in his soft gray/platinum hair.

He breaks from your soft lips and bites your tender neck "ngh, angh" you moan out loud. Ivan continues to tend to your sensitive neck. Your hand falls from his hair to his shoulder grasping it tight "I-Ivan" he places his soft lips under your chin sending chills through your body "<Name>" he whispers so softly to you. He works his way down and you blush hard "wait" he lifts his cute face up to yours "Da. <Name>?" you adjust your self "wouldn't this be more fun if we were on a bed?" he picks you up bridle style carrying you to his bedroom. "This better <Name>?"

You tackle him on the bed kissing him all over and you start to take off his jacket, he blushes but he don't stop you. "My, aren't you toned" you cutely wink at him. He blushes looking to the side "you know it's hard to do anything when you're on top" you lean down over him "That's the point" you tongue lightly licks his tender nipple and he gasps. A smirk goes across your face and you do it once again. He moans and gasps and each bite and lick you give his nipple. He couldn't let you take top any more, he scoots up quickly and grabs your shoulders flipping you over.

"ah!" your <e/c> eyes meet his "Got you" An evil grin went across his face, something you haven't seen before. He reaches behind you and tries to fell for something but couldn't find it "<Name> do you not have a bra on?" your face burns hard "well umm" he closes his eyes for a sec removing his hand from behind you to the front of your shirt "well this makes things easier" he slowly starts to lift your shirt, you wanted him to stop but you couldn't, you wanted him to pleasure you. "Ngh! Ah! Iva-" you learn your head back as his lips tend to your hard stubs. His tongue swirls ever so gently around them, it was driving you crazy. You wanted him to touch you so bad.

"Ivan, Please touch me" he grazes his tongue across one more time and gets up to your level "Da. What was that?" you turn your head blushing "I'm so hot right now, please touch me" you plead, Then you feel his long slender finger tease the outside of your region "ah! Mnnn, right there" he smirks "here?" he grazes his thumb over your clint gently and you let out soft moans "Mnya, yha" you turn your head. He slowly starts to insert his finger into your region and you tilt your head back gasping "That feels so good, deeper" He inserts his long finger even deeper into you, Making you beg for more

"Faster please, move faster" he dose as he told and rubs his finger fast in and out of your region, . "NGH! AHG..Don't stop please!" He places his lips to yours forcing his tongue into your mouth while he rams his finger inside of you. You moan loudly into his mouth while your tongues mingle and meet. You felt you were about to explode but you grabed Ivans hand and stopped him "<Name> Whats wrong?" he looks into your lust filled eyes "I know you're from Russia but" you pause and he questions "But what <Name>?" you say softly "I want us to become one, you know"

It took him a sec but the message slipped through at last and he sits up on the bed "<Name> I don't, I" you sit up to " Were just so close, Before you go back I want us to have an experience you will never forget" His eyes soften looking into your <e/c> eyes "Id love that <FN/LN>" you look up to him with lust "please take me Ivan, from Russia" he takes you down on the bed and kisses you passionately before he takes off your panties and his own boxers revealing his well hard member. You look to the side blushing "this will be my first so please take me gently"

He smiles caringly and kisses you passionately as his member enters your region braking its walls slowly witch made you cry in pain "<Name>?! are you okay?" he stops his moving "No, don't stop I'm okay. I can handle this" he nods and continues to enter you till he couldn't anymore. After a few minutes he started to thrust you slowly. "Ngh, ah, Mn" you moan each time he gives you a soft push but it wasn't enough to satisfy you. "Ivan please go faster" his member starts to move ever so faster inside you thrusting hard. You grunt and moan even louder now.

"Ahg! Iva- Deeper!" you scream to him "NGH! AHG" he grunts back to you as he pushes even more harder and deeper into your tight region. Your legs wrap around him "Oh mySo good" Both of you are hot a sweaty at this point and didn't really care at this point "Ahg, I think Im going to-" he whippers back in your ear "Im going to cum to <Name>" You didn't care if he Came in you.

Both of you were one and you wanted to keep it that way till the end. "Ngh! Agh, DA!" He yelled and you feel something warm inside of you, then three seconds later you yell out his name "IVAN!!" both of you collapse on the bed panting hard, he slips slowly out of you holding you close to him on the bed.


"So your leaving today?" you say in a sad voice. Ivan looks down sad "Da. I'm sorry" little tears start to form in your pretty <e/c> orbs and Ivan notices "no <Name> please don't" he gets down to your level and wipes your tears "I just love you so much, I can't believe you have to leave so soon" you hug him tight crying hard in his arms, he wraps his arms around you "Shhh, shh, Its okay I promise" you shake your head no "How can it? Your leaving me for good!" all he could do was hold you tight till his ride came and picked him up.

(8 month time skip)

You were working on your college school work when you hear a knock at your door "who could that be?" you asked yourself as you get up slowly with your bulged tummy. As you open the door your face filled with surprise and a burst of tears "You, You came back?!" The pair of violet eyes looked deeply into your teary eyed ones "Da. I just couldn't get you off my mind these last eight, <Name> I love you" you wanted to run and hug him tightly but because of a little something you couldn't but you hugged him softly. "Thank you, I love you so much Ivan"

:iconsexyrussiaplz: kolkolkolkolkol

Yha.....I have no idea XD yep Another Lemon of my baby X3 I hope you guys get tones of nosebleeds from this! X333
Want to read more of my Xreaders? Click the [link] here!
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