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Russia CatXReader
Russia kneels down and pats Russia cat on the head "we will be going over to Italy's house again today to discuss some things" Russia cat meow's happily "daaw" Russia cat looks up to his master "I like how my master takes me places with him, I love playing with my friends when I can" A few hours pass and the two of them end up at Italy's house. Russia lets Russia cat down "Have fun Russia cat, I'll look for you in a few hours" he pats him on the head one more time then heads inside.

Russia cat scampers away from the house looking for new friends or his old ones. "I can't wait to find them, I do miss them" Russia cat keeps scampering his way through the streets, but something didn't feel right "I'm sure this is the area they all play in" but his surroundings looked old and dull "Italy cat? Germany cat?" he meowed out, but no response "something doesn't feel right" he hears foot steps behind him and he turns around "oh, hello dogs have you seen Italy cat or-"they growl at him and Russia cat steps back "little kitty's aren't supposed to be on this side of town"

Russia cat ears flatten "oh, can we just be friends?" the dogs just smirk at him " we don't make friends with cats, we teach them a lesson" Russia cat backs up more "well umm, it was good seeing you" the leader dog speaks "get em" the two dogs take off after Russia cat. Russia cat runs as fast as he could "I got to lose them somehow" he looks back and see's the dogs are getting closer to him "Meow!" he tries to pick up his speed but it wasn't enough speed, he hears the dogs getting closer.

"Come on we just to paly!" one of them snap at Russia cat tail, and misses. Russia cat sees some wooden crates and jumps on top and scampers across them hoping to lose the dogs. "Get ahead of him to that stair way!" Russia cat stops dead in his tracks both of them surrounding him "can't get away from us now" He looks around for any escape, and he spots a small hole not too far away and jumps "meow!"

Both of the dogs go after him but Russia cat got through the hole before they could get to him, but this hole was to ridged and put scrapes on his tender body. Russia cat makes his way out and looks around, nothing looked filmier to him "daaw, where am i?" but he could barely move because of all the scrapes he gotten It was too painful for him to move. "daaw"

(You're POV)

You look up to the sky "I got to get home before it starts raining" the sky looked dark and gray, and soon it started raining " great just great!" you start to run but then you noticed something small and gray on the ground "what's…" you get closer to it "oh! It's a cat!" you kneel down to the cat, it was wet from the rain and it had scrapes all over it, the cat looked like it was sleeping but you careful picked it up "you poor thing, here I'll take you home" the cat slowly opened his eyes.

And mews softly "meow" you smile at its cute meowing "I'm glad you're at least alive, I'm going to take care of you" soon you opened the door to your warm house and laid the cat on your couch. "just relax and I'll be back to bring you some food okay?" the cat just tilts his head and meow's once again.


Russia was walking out in the rain looking for his cat "Russia cat, you can come out now, it's time to go home" Russia was getting worried about his cat; it usually comes to him on call "where could you be? It's raining"


"Here you go" you set a bowl of warm milk in front of him, he just looks up to you and you smile "Just drink it, It will build up your strength" the cat looks back down to the bowl and starts drinking the milk with his tongue "there you go" you go back to get some bandages for the poor cat "I wonder who he belongs to? He doesn't have a caller so maybe he was a stray" you sit back down next to him and notice he drank all of his milk "wow you must have been thirst" "daaw" the cat meow's back to you. You pick him up and set him on your lap "I think I'm going to call you snow, is that all right with you?" Russia cat wished you could understand him.

"but my name is Russia cat, I belong to my master" all you heard were meows and you smile "okay, I'm glad you agree now it's time for me to treat your wounds" you started to treat Snow's wounds and soon he was covered in bandages "there, those should heal soon enough" Snow jumps from your lap and goes to the door clawing at it "hey! Don't do that!" you go and pick him up and bring him back over to the couch

"you can't just start tearing up the place snow" Snow struggled out of your arms and went to the door again and you sigh "you are a domestic cat huh?" you go over and kneel down to snow's level "I wish I could let you out but I can't, you have to heal fully first, then I'll let you out back again okay?" All you heard were meows but he was actually saying "You don't understand, my master is very concerned about me. I need to go find him" you smile once again and pat his head "you love to meow don't you?"


Russia was soaked as can be but he didn't want to stop looking for his beloved cat and he started asking people in stores ect if they saw his cat of course all of them shook their head saying no "I'm sorry sir, I haven't but if I did I would bring him to you right away" he looks down in disappointment again "oh da I see, okay" he leaves the store and back out in the rain again.


Snow kept by the door meowing "Snow, it's raining you can't go outside" he started scratching  at the door again and you started to get annoyed so you got up and went to the door "okay you want out? Here you go" you open the door, hoping when he saw the rain he would refuse to go outside, but he did the opposite he bolted outside "uh, hey snow!" you run after the cat. Russia cat runs fast "I got find my master" his ears twitch hearing a familiar voice "Russia cat! You out there?!"

Russia cat runs fast to his masters voice, and you try to keep up with him "Hey snow don't run off like-" you see a tall man pick snow up "I found you Russia cat!" the man smiles and hugs him gently, then the man notices you. "oh is that your cat?" the man nods his head his violet eyes meeting your<e/c> eyes "da miss" a little frown went across your face as the rain stopped "oh, if you noticed I treated him to some wounds he had"

The man questioned for a sec then looked at Russia cat body "oh thank you, ummm" you say " <F/L>" you smile sadly "Your cat was good to me, he is very nice" the man smiles "My name is Ivan, and thank you once again, you don't know how long I was looking for him" Ivan saw slight sadness in your eyes.

"well ill be going back home now" you turn around and walk slowly but Ivan said "wait, you look sad" you turn back around to him " I thought snow, oh I mean Russia cat was a stray so I thought I would keep him, I guess not" Ivan frowns "you even named him" Ivan thinks for a sec "hey how about the next time I come to Italy will bring Russia cat over to  you?"

A smile broke across your face "Really?!" he nods his head and Russia cat meows "but you barley know me" he chuckles "so? You took care of my cat and for that ill thank you by doing that." (I just rimed o.o) "so till next time" you walk up to both of them and pat Russia cat on the head "ill see you till next time Russia cat" "daaw" you smile and walk back to your house " I can't wait to see Snow again"
well wasnt this the cutest thing ive ever wrote! X3 (god i sound like a hick O.o) lol XD Somthing just hit me like BAM! i got this idea o.o.... lol i hope you guys like this!
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