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(Before you read this AMAZING XReader XD THANK YOU FOR 101 WATCHES!!! I never thought i wold ever get this far T_T so I thank you all!! now please enjoy the story you are about to read! x3 )

After giving Norway away to Sweden, the Dane couldn't think of anything to do but walk around Copenhagen his capital, to get rid of his mixed emotions.  "NO PLEASE!! STAY AWAY!!" the Dane looks where the woman's voice was coming from "stay AWAY!!, ANYTHING!! NOT MY CHILD!!" Denmark runs to the screaming and pleading. He stops dead frozen at the sight. The gun man shoots the woman in the head three times "MOMMY!!" the little girl yells as her mom falls limp on the ground. Denmark couldn't get his mind straight and he kept frozen at the sight. The gunman walks away "M…Momy?" the little girl holds her mom softly.

Your POV

You cling to your dead mother "mommy please, don't leave me" you start to cry, then you hear footsteps of someone approaching you, you look up slightly "Hei" the man says in a sad voice, you look back down crying. He walks around you moms dead body and he puts a hand on you head "Come one little one, you can stay here with her" you shake your head, holding your mom's arm tight "Nei!" the man frowns and puts his hands gently around your waist trying to lift you up but you won't let go of your mom "NEI LET GO OF ME!!" his grip on you gets more tighter, you cling as tight you can to her

"NEI, NEI, NEI!!" he releases one hand from you, still having a good grip on you though with one hand, he takes his other and pries your hand off of your mothers limp arm "SLUTT! I don't want to leave her!!" your hand releases from her and he carries you as you fuss and cry "MOMMY!!" you cry and plead "shhh" he says calm to you and rubs your back "mommy" his eyes get more said hearing you say that, he starts to hum gently to you, stroking the back of your <e/c> gently and soon you start to calm down and fall asleep into his soft shoulder.

He makes it back home and brings you to his room. He lays you on his bed 'Hva have I got myself into?' he said to himself sadly, he sighs and gets dressed into some conferrable cloths then sits on the bed next to you and you start to wake up. Denmark hasn't noticed yet, he's too deep into thought. You sit up straight "Mommy?! Where am I?" Dane snaps out of his own thoughts and looks to you sadly "Little one" you start to cry "I want my Mommy!" his eyes sadden once again "Sweety your mom" you look to him and start to cry hard, he picks you up and sets you in his lap, stroking your hair again

"please calm down Sweety" you shake your head "I want my mommy!" he looks down to you slightly " Your mom" He gulps "Is in a better place now" you lean your head against his chest "But I want her here!" he starts to hum after he says this " some things just happen" He starts to hum to you gently, his voice sounded so calming to you "Why did Daddy take Mommy" Danes eyes widen at that sentence and he stops humming 'That was her Dad?!' you noticed he gotten somewhat tense but you grip onto him.

"I want a new Daddy" he looks down to you sad 'I would, but im not really the perfect fit' you cling to him tight "I want you to be my Daddy" a straight blush went across his face "uhh..Hva little one?" you keep clinging to him "Daddy" you snuggle into him '…. I'm going to have to now' he sighs and rubs your back again "Hva is your name sweetie?" you mumble into your daddy's chest.

"<F/N>" he gently smiles "that's a pretty Name, I'm Mathias Køhler, but I'm actually the country of Denmark!" you sit back gently curious face " you're the country Denmark?" he smiles his signature smile "Ja! I Own all of Denmark <Name>" a tiny smile broke across your face "That's so cool!" you hug him and he hugs back gently, you adjust in his lap and shut your eye's, his smiles goes to a gently one and he starts to hum again, stroking your hair gently starts to sing.

In the jungle, late at night
All the little elephants are tucked in tight
Except that one little elephant won't close her eyes
And so we sing the elephant's lullaby

He looks down at your peaceful face, looking so tired and sleepy as he sing to you more...

Little elephants need to get their rest
To grow up big and strong
To make their ears so big and floppy
To make their trunks so long

You start to drift off into a deep sleep in his strong fatherly arms. He gently lays you on his bed and tucks you in, and he gets in and makes himself comfortable and falls asleep to, his mind only on you. The next morning you wake up and your fathers arms were wrapped around you gently and you smile. You roll over and poke his cheek gently "Daddy" he makes a cute face and mumbles, you pout and poke him a few more times "daaadyyy" he gently opens his eyes "Hei <Name>"  you smile a bit more and he sits up rubbing his sleepy eyes then stretches. You poke his side "Im hungry" he glances to you and smiles "Okay, your daddy will make you something" you jump off the bed and run to the door he lets out a soft laugh and gets up.

Your head started to feel a bit warm but you ignored it and concentrated on eating food. You both get to the kitchen and he starts to cook. As he does your head started to feel even more warm and you lay your head down on the table "mmmmn" he turns around to the sound of your moaning "Whats wrong <Name>?" he walks over and gets down to your level, your face was pale and red, he puts his hand on your head "Your burning up!" he goes and turns off the stove knowing your not going to eat and he gets a towel and puts cold water on it and places it on your forehead 'shit, I forgot about the Black Plague' Cause he's a country he's not affected by this, so they say. You look over to him dazed "Daddy?" he picks you up gently keeping the towel on your head and brings you over to the couch and he sits down with you in his lap

"I feel so warm" a worried look went across his face "I know and I'm trying the best I can to keep it down" you nod and grasp his shirt gently, he hums again "shut your eyes and sleep <Name> I will help" you close your little <e/c> eyes hearing your fathers soft voice drift you off into a deep sleep again. A few days pass and you have gotten worse, you were bed ridden in your fathers bed, he kept by your side never leaving you once, he goes to the kitchen to get you some water 'Damn this plague, Damn it to hell' he comes back and sits by you "how are you doing name?" he lightly strokes your soft burning cheeks. You cough a few times.

"I think I'm doing fine Daddy" he frowns know you weren't but he tried to keep his mind away from it "would you like to hear some fun stories about your father?" a tiny smile broke across your face "yea" he smiles and starts to tell you stories about when he was a Viking, he even reenacted some parts from when he kicked butt, you laugh and giggle at times "Daddy that's so" 'COUGH' 'COUGH' your cough hard, more harder than the other tmes'<Name> why…' you noticed he looked sad "Daddy why do you look sad?" he snaps out of it and smiles goofy "Im not sad" he gently ruffles your hair and you giggle.

"heh-heh okay Daddy" he tries to keep a fake smiles on for you, so you could keep your spirit up and fight this sickness. Some one knocks on the door, you tilt your head, he kisses your head lightly "ill be back okay?" you nod and snuggle into the Dinesh flag blanket. Dane opens the door his eyes widen "N…NORGE?!?! HVA ARE YOU DOING HERE?!!?" the Norwegian stares at him with a blank none emotion eyes, A man is standing behind him "This man told me that you took his child"

Denmark glares to Norway and the man behind him "Hva do you mean?!" the man steps a bit more in view "you don't remember?" Danes memory flashed of what happened yesterday and tightens his fists " Nei, Im not letting you have <Name> you killed your own wife!" Norge's eyes widen slightly, the man speaks "were also here because I think my child might have the Black plague" Dane backs up a bit ready to grab his Axe "Is that why you killed your wife? Cause you knew she had it?!" Norge talks "Dane! Calm down and think" Dane glares to Norge "Oh so your on his side now?!"

Norge shakes his head "Nei, just I don't want you to get it to" Danes eyes wean "I'm a country, were both coutnries we cant get it" Norge speaks "Sweden and Finland got it" Dane closes his eyes tight "so your going to kill the poor kid?!" they both stay silent and Dane re-opens his eyes and grabs his axe, anger filled in them "NOT going to happen, you have to bring down the king before you can get to her" Norge argues back "Dane just think okay?! Would you want to die from us or the Pleage?" Dane had a tight grip on his axe "don't care if I get it or not, im taking care of <Name> she will survive this!" he swings his axe "NOW GO!!"

Norway barly escaped the hit and got cut a bit in the arm "Damn Dane! I'm glad you gave me away!!" he swings at Norway again "GOOD LIKE I CARE ABOUT YOU , YOU DAMN NORGE!!'  as they were both fighting your REAL father went behind the house and got in, Dane was about to swing again and noticed your Father was gone "Oh what?! To afraid to Kill me?" Dane makes a face and swings at his legs slicing it a bit, he runs up to he bed room but before he got there Norge puts him in a choke hold 'NGHA!! SLUTT!! LET ME GO!!" Norge holds him tight choking him

"Nei!! She has it!! We can have any more people with it!!" Denmark gets enough strength and leans forward fast and slams Norway on the ground hard "NHGA!" Norway yelled in pain, Dane runs into the bedroom, your father pointing a gun at your sleeping presence "NEI!!!" Denmark grabs his arm with the gun and points it up "DAMN IT!!" your Father yells and Dane, Dane bends his arm more back ready to break his arm.

"Don't shoot her and I won't break your arm" their eyes both lock with each others, you start to wake up gently and look "Daddy?" Dane looks over to you, his grip got weak and your father took the chance and restrains him bending both arms behind his neck, pointing the gun again to your head, your  <e/c> widen. Dane moans in pain but he had to stop this, Norge comes in "Dane! Just let it happen!" he gets his strength back from being so mad, he wanted to protect you, he knew you could fight this sickness.

He somehow turns fast and get out of your Fathers grip, just then your Father pulled the tiger,it misses you, Dane grabs his arm and twisted it braking it he moans in pain "I told you if you didn't shoot her I wouldn't brake your arm" Dane says in a serious voice, he grabs his axe and swings it over his shoulder "Any last words?!" Norge tries to stop him "DANE SLUTT!" Dane shoots a glare, you get off the bed and make your way to Denmark dazed.

"Norge your next after him" he begins to swing "FAR SLUTT!!" he stops at the sound of your pleading voice, you make your way over to him and hug his leg "please don't daddy, please don't" little tears start to form in your eyes, he lowers his axe and drops it and it hits the ground, Your real father looks to you "<Name>"

Dane looks to Norge and your Father "both of you get out" he glances down to you, Norge and your father don't move "NOW!!" Denmark yells, Norway helps him and they both leave. Denmark picks you up and hugs you tight "I'm sorry you had to see that side of me  <Name> I had to protect you, my little girl" little tears come out more from your eyes and you hug him back "Jeg elsker dig far" tears run down his face "Jeg elsker dig til"

Your Father Denmark was right, after a few weeks you got way better "here <Name> let me check your tempature okay?" you pout "but I feel fine Dad!" he smiles and puts his hand on your head "wow! Your fever is gone!" you stick your tongue out "I toooold yooou" he smiles his signature smile and hugs you softly.

HAHAHAHA!! This one was to much fun Thank you Sweden (AKA MARTHE MY AWESOME FRIEND) for giving me Inspiration for this story XD you did really O.o... and ... Did the feels get you? I HOPE XD
TRANSLATION...I used mostly Norwegian XD (cause there both so close xD)
Slutt= Stop
Ja= Yes
Hva= What
Far= Dad ( In Danish )
Jeg elsker dig far- I love you dad
Jeg elsker dig til= I love you to

(XD im NOT Norwegian in anyway...TAKK SWEDEN!! XD )
and why he was not DRINKING...YOU KEPT HIM FORM IT...
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stupidbread Featured By Owner Jan 21, 2013
Then I didn't have the plague, because if I did, I'd be dead in a day. :p
superluckystar Featured By Owner Jan 21, 2013
I loved this. Though i didn't know that slutt meant stop. I thought that little me said slut to Denmark XD. Funny thing is i said slut when i was little to one of me aunts. Ah little me and my small innocent mind.
SweetKitty999 Featured By Owner Jan 21, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Slutt is Stop in Norwegian...I used Norwegian cause it came form Denmark ect ( Takk friend for teaching me so much XD) so yea XD
superluckystar Featured By Owner Jan 23, 2013
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This is fantistick (not sure if I spelled that right)
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I love the story! *grin* Sweden approve!!
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Ja! TAkk! x33333
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This. Was. AWESOME!!!!! :D
SweetKitty999 Featured By Owner Jan 20, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
TAKK! (THANK YOU!!) Im so happy you liked it!! x3
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welcome i really good~
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