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Part 4
You wake up the next morning to the sound of your dad knocking on your door "Love?
You awake?" you dreaded that he was waking you up "yha why dad?" he opens the door slightly. "I wanted to know if you wanted to go to the first Allies meeting with me" you groan and turn over "do i have to?" he sighs "I think it would benefit you since you're getting older, you need to learn how to be a proper country" you sit up slightly "then why did you ask me if you were going to make me anyway?" he awqerdly smiles at you "Come on get dressed we got a long day ahead of us"

He leaves your room and you slowly get off your bed and head over to your closet, all you had were dresses and such, you really didn't like wearing dresses out in public you felt weird in one, you are more than a tom boy then anything. Sometimes you did wear your dad's cloths but only when he said it was okay "crap, I don't want to look like a girly girl to them" you go outside of your room and find your dad "hey dad?" he looks over to you then he frowns "why aren't you dressed yet?"

"Can I wear one of your outfits? I don't feel like wearing any of my dresses"  he raises and eyebrow to you then says "I guess, you have plenty times before" you run back upstairs "Thanks dad!" and just to make your dad a little ticked off, you picked out his nice war outfit. It was black but with red lining around the sleeves, collar and shoulders. "Okay dad I'm ready!" he looks up to you with shock on his face "Love! that's one of my nicer war outfits!" you smile at him acting innocent "exactly" he looks away from you for a sec then back to you getting up "come on, were going to be late"


You both arrive in front of a big building "so it's in this place?" your dad nods his head slightly "yha" England opens the door to what is a big long white hallway "so how are we supposed to find the room?" your dad starts walking forward "we can find it, don't worry" you two walk around for a while till you find a sign that said "Meeting Room" "ah ha! Here it is" your dad said and opens the door slowly, no one was in the room "umm, dad? are we in the wrong room or something?" he looks to you then back at the blank empty room "I think we're just early"

You go in and sit in one of the ridged wooden chairs. "Okay I'm bored" you look over to see a chalk board "oh i know! ill draw!" you get up to the front of the chalk board and start drawing fun pictures "at least i can draw to entertain myself" your dad smiles to you then finds a random folder on a desk nearby "what's this?" the folder read   "Enemy AXIS" "huh" he opens it and starts reading it. soon you both hear the door opening, you look to the vary tall man his violet eyes meet with your <e/c> ones

"oh dubraountho miss and England" England snaps out of his reading daze and looks to the tall man "how did you know my name?" he childishly smiles to your dad "I just do, and I'm the Country of Russia" you started blushing at the Russian, he looked quite handsome to you "oh, umm" he looks to you with a smile "da?" you smile back to him nervously "My name is <c/n>" he tilts his head to the side "Do you want to become one with Russia da?" you blush at his comment to you, then your dad speaks for you "She is not, she is my daughter, please don't bother her" Russia stays silent, then he notices your drawings of <whatever you drew> "oh you drew this da?"

You couldn't tell if 'Da' was a cute Nickname he gives people, or it meant something in his language, you smile "uh huh, I kind of got bored so i decided to draw on the chalk board " he sits across from you dad "very cute" you blush more "well since people are going to start coming I'm just going to erase the chalkboard" you pick up the eraser and start to erase the chalk bored until it was spotless. You go and sit down and feel something under you "ah!" you jump up and turn around to see what you sat on "hey, didn't you see me?" you tilt your head to the side confused.

"when did you get in here?" the blonde man frowns "I've been in here, didn't you hear me?" you shake your head no "sorry, I didn't" the young blonde man looks softly to you "any who, I'm the country of Canada <c/n>" you nod once again and sit next by your dad "how much more longer dad?" he looks to you kind of sharp "stop your complain, you here to learn how to be a proper country love" you slouch in your chair "fine, whatever" After about a few more minutes the rest of the country's show up and introduced themselves to you, but America hasn't shown up yet.

Instead someone you wished didn't exist "oh, hononon, what do we have here?" the long hair blonde man came over to you "Do I have my self a new territory I can invade?" you blush hard and look away from him "That was rude!" he gets in front of your face "how my darling? I-" Your dad pushes the man away from you "get away from my daughter France you frog!" Everyone was quite found of you actually, well in their own ways but they didn't want to say anything at the moment "Where the bloody hell is America?" your dad says to the other allies "I don't know, he just late" China said.

You were thinking hard in your head on a lot of things while your dad and others start to fight for who knows why, Russia notices you're in a daze and he comes over to you "What are you thinking <c/n>?" you snap out of your deep thinking and look to the Russian "oh, it's nothing" he smiles and tilts his head "You looked like you were thinking pretty hard da?" you look up to him then back down "okay, yha" you two start having a conversation with you asking why we were about to start a WWII ectů

"ah, so I see. So-"just then the door burst open "Don't worry everyone!! THE HERO IS HERE!" you look to America with a dumbfounded face "sorry dudes! I couldn't find this place on my map of America" then you say in your head "Is this guy for real?" yes you just meat him yesterday, but he seems more ditzy then anything "okay dudes lets get started!" As the meeting started you tried your hardest to lesion but your mind started drifting off about America. "Why did he just leave my dad? Didn't he know my dad was in pain" you say in your head.

Yes you find your dad annoying at times, but you still loved him. "So what do you think on the matter <c/n>?" you snap out of your deep thinking "oh uhh, what?" your dad sighs "were you even listening <c/n>?" you got a blank look on your face "well, kind of" he rolls his eyes "If you don't lesion on what we're saying you won't ever progress as a good country" you snap back at him as any teen would "well what if I don't want to be a proper/good country?" silence felled the room. You didn't mean to snap at your dad, you were just confused with multiple things at the moment.

After about 30 seconds of awkward silence they all started talking again and soon began to bicker. "Okay scene were not getting anywhere, we should just stop and go home" China says over everyone "I agree with China" France says. Everyone gets up and leaves, leaving you and your dad alone in the room. He didn't look too happy in his eyes "dad I-" You look down ashamed "come on, well talk about it while we walk home" you nod your head and get up fallowing him out."<c/n> why would you say such a thing? Every country wants to become strong" you look down and to the side "I- I don't know, I'm still young dad" his eyes soften but not much.

"And you said that in front of all the other Allies" you stop walking "I'm just confused dad" he looks back to you "what are you confused about?" you bite your lip " you just brought this whole thing on me, I didn't even have time to think about the war" he lightly sighs puts his hand on your shoulder " You know this came up on me to, I didn't expect another war love" you look to your dad softly and he smiles "you know, I knew a small little girl who wanted to become a strong country no matter what" you tilt your head to the side "Me?"

He closes his eyes nodding his head "yes love, you said it quite a lot when you were little" you tried to remember yourself saying that but nothing popped in your head. "I wish I could remember" he gently kisses the top of your head in a fatherly way "it's okay, I don't remember much of my childhood either" you back up "dad do you have to do that?!" he chuckles "well do you want me to say I love you?" you blush "dad your so embarrassing!" he reaches his hand and ruffles your hair messing it up "Daaad, my hair is all whacked now!" you had an agitated look on your face, but your dad just smiled at you
"come on, we still got a long way till we get home" as you two walk home America once again popped in your head.


"uhg! Get out of my head!" you hit your head with your hand at least five times "<c/n> are you okay?> your dad asks "you look over to him embarrassed "oh yha I'm fine" you smile to him and he tilts his head "okay" you go back in your mind, your mind was so corrupted right now. From learning to entering WWII and your dads younger brother. At the meeting they seemed to be calm around each other like nothing ever happened. "I'm so confused" you moan and your dad comes up behind you "What are you confused about?" your face turns red and you look back to him "You heard me?!"

he smiles "I always do love" he sits next to you on the couch "so what are you confused about?" you hoped your dad didn't ever ask you that, but you had no choice "You and America dad" he stares at you blankly "what about me and America?" you look to him softly "you two seemed so calm at the meeting despite your past" he chuckles "what's so funny?! I'm serious dad, how could you not be so mad at him for what he did to you back then?" he reaches his hand and places it on your head.

"Cause I got you <c/n> a loving daughter that I can protect even more then I could America" a tiny blush goes across your face "and you helped me heal my wounds <c/n>" a sense of understanding and relief came over you. "hey dad?" he looks to you with those soft emerald eyes "yes love?" you look away from him.

"I love you, even though I don't say it. I really do" he smiles and leans back more on the couch "I know you love me <c/n> even when it seems you don't" you look back to him once again "an tomorrow, ill be sure to lesion more on the meeting" he smirks "even all we do is fight?" you nod your head "yes, I'll even join in the bickering" it soon got late and you went to bed thinking about what tomorrow is going to bring.

~~~to be continued
woh! i didnt think this would go any where...and do you know how hard it is to have fluff with a Teenager?! VARY o.o....
Picture not mine and i dont not own hetalia!
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the-tamer0katelynn Featured By Owner Nov 4, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
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LeeAyna-Abadeer Featured By Owner May 8, 2014  Student
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KawaiiMichie Featured By Owner Aug 29, 2013  Student Artist
What a downer.. It's a really interesting story.Why don't you give your story to one of your fans and see if they want to continue it?(I'm not asking you though, it's just a suggestion.)
SweetKitty999 Featured By Owner Aug 29, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Im sorry i disapointed you though... i know its a good story, if only i had the inspiration like i had long ago, but i am glad you liked it.
KawaiiMichie Featured By Owner Aug 30, 2013  Student Artist
It's okay and thanks.
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