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You sat at the table waiting for your daddy to get done cooking. As He was cooking the fish, memories of America ran through his head again, from when he first accepted England to what happened three days ago. He spaced out so much he forgot what he was doing and smoke started feeling the room, and you start to cough. "Cough, cough, daddy cough!" he hears your coughing and snaps out of his daze "huh!? Oh bloody hell!" he turns off the stove and opens the window to let the smoke out then runs to you "I'm so sorry love!" he picks you up and takes you to the living room as you try to stop coughing.

Your daddy had the worst feeling in the world right now, the last thing he wanted to do was make you sick. He holds you in his arms your head leaning against his soft chest as you cough. After a few minutes you're coughing it calms down and your daddy holds you even closer. "I'm so sorry<C/N> next time daddy won't space out like that" he looks down to you with a sad face, and you look up to him and smile.

"it's okay daddy" he's eyes soften "you sure love? I bet you didn't like coughing like that" you nod your head cutely "uh huh I promise!" a smile creeps across his face "okay <C/N>" then you both hear a grumbling noise and you get an awkward smile "he-he, I'm still hungry"  your daddy takes you back to the kitchen "want me to try again without burning your food ?" you smile " yes daddy!" he goes back and starts to cook again and this time he didn't burn the food.

He sits the fish and chips in front of you. You stare at it and thinking it looked kind of bland, but you were hungry and you took a bite of the fish first, it had a fish but bland taste to it, you didn't want to be rude and spit it out. So you swallowed it by force. "So how's the fish <C/N>?" you tried your best to be nice "it's fine daddy" he had a questioned look on his face but just smiled to you thinking you liked it. You didn't want to take another bite of the fish, so you took a bite of the fries, and the same thing. It was bland to your taste buds but you swallowed it to.

After a while your daddy notice you weren't touching your food "is something wrong love? You haven't touched your food much" he looked to your <e/c> eyes he noticed you were trying to avoid eye contact with him. "love is everything all right?" you nod your head "mmm hmm" he gets down to your level "but you haven't touched your food at all, are you sick?" you shake your head no, not wanting to tell your daddy you didn't like his cooking "then what is it dear?" he had a concerned  look on his face. "Is it the food? You know you can tell me, I won't get mad" you take a big sigh "its bland daddy, even the fries." Tears form in your eyes "ah! <C/N> don't cry! Its quite all right."

he gets his thumb and wipes your little tears "I didn't want to hurt your feelings daddy" he smiles and kisses your forehead "it's all right I promise" your eyes stop the tears as you smile with your daddy "what do you think will make it less bland?" you think hard for a sec "may I look in your fridge daddy?" he raises his eyebrow " I guess but I don't think-" you jump off the chair and head to the fridge and open it. You look around for a few seconds then you see something that would work perfectly, the bottle read TOMATO KETCHOP, but you couldn't reach it.

"daddy I want that bottle that says toe-motto Ka-chop!" he chuckles at the way you said tomato and ketchup, it was too cute he didn't want to correct you. He grabs the bottle and hands it to you. And your scurry back to your chair and get back up with a little help from daddy. You open the bottle and put the ketchup allover your fish and chips "wait, Ketchup on fish?" you smile looking at the newly improved food, England sits next to you "yep! I know it will taste great!" as you eat your food you remember that flag you saw on the porch, you still wonder why it was torn up.

You say with your mouth full " why is the flag I found in front of your house all torn up daddy?" he face turned stunned on why you wanted to know "why do you want to know love?" you swallow your food "it's such a cool looking flag! And I want to know why such a cool flag is torn daddy" he thinks deeply on if he wants to tell you the real reason why. "Daddy you okay?" he looks to you with a depressed face "yha I'm ok love" he gets up slowly looking down. You tug on his arm sleeve "daddy up?" he smiles and picks you up and puts you in his arms once again, your tiny body made him feel happy inside. Then he says in a soft voice "let's just say me and someone near to me got into a fight"

you move your face in front of his your eyes having a hint of sadness in them "That's not good daddy!" his eyes  have the same look yours have "I know love, but what's done is done. Now" he tries to change the subject majorly "how about we go out and buy you some new cloths hmm?" your face brightened up "Really?!" he smiles "I bet you don't like wearing that towel" you shake your head no "not really it's really itchy" he chuckles "then let's go" you guys leave the house and you walk by his side, you grab his fingertips gently, He smiles and blushes a bit.

"Daddy what is this city called?" he smiles and glances down to you "This is London love, it's a nice city" you look around more and see a big clock your eyes widen "Daddy! Daddy! Look a big clock!" he looks to were your looking "That clock is called Big Ben" then you look more around and see a BIG circle type thing "daddy what's that big Circle?" he questioned what you meant at first then he notices what you see. "That's a Fairs wheel, we call it the London Eye, and from up there you can see everything of London "you smile more "That sounds so cool daddy!"  You started loving this city, it was new and exciting to a new country like you. England stops and smiles at you

"were here love" you look up and the store reads 'Wears and more' you tilt your head to the side "is this the clothing store daddy?" he nods his head and leads you in. As you go in the store had a wood smell to it, England points to the far back of the store "let's go back there <CN> they have what you need" the casher just looked at you strangely "Excuse me Sir, why does your daughter have a towel instead of proper cloths?" he rubs his neck "that's why we're here" he looks back to you, but you disappeared on him "oh bloody…. "England sighs and goes to the back where he told you were the cloths would be.

As he suspected he sees you going through tones of cloths but just making a mess of things "love slow down your making a mess!" he picks you up and cradles you "but I was looking for something to wear!" you pout folding your arms "yes I know, but you can't make a mess of things" he puts you back down "I wont punish you but you got to pick all these cloths up and put them back where you found them" your eyes get watery "but daddy!" he closes one eye "no buts, now come on love"

You mope and moan but do what he told you. After about ten minutes you were done "there I'm done" you didn't even look at your daddy you were mad at him for making him do that. "awww come on love, now we can shop for you. Look I see something over here" he picks out a (Whatever you want to wear) you take a glance at it then turn your head the other way "humph" he frowns a bit "You don't like this one?" then you mummer "I do I'm just mad at you" he takes another sigh "would you be mad at your daddy if he took you to a fun park?" your ear twitches at the word 'fun' "how fun?"

He smiles and laughs' "tones of fun love trust me" you guys go up the casher and buy(whatever you wanted) and got you dressed into your new outfit there. Your face filled with happiness of the sight of your new outfit on you "I'm so glad you got this for me daddy!" you run and hug his leg tight "I see your happy again, now let's go to the park" you kind of skip down the side walk "what's the park called daddy"  he glances to you "Vicky park"


"Oh wow! A play area!" he smiles to you "You can go play <C/N> I'll be over here watching you okay?" you nod your head and head over to the slide.  England watches you happily but then memories of Little America came to him again.

(In side England's mind)

America looked up to his older brother and care taker "come on Britten! Come push me on the swing!" Britten smiles and gets behind his little brother and starts to push him "Like this?!" America laughs "yha! But try to get me over the bar okay?!"

(back to reality)

"Daddy?" England is none responsive to you, and you tug on his sleeve "hey daddy?!" he snaps back to reality "oh sorry, yes love?" you had pleading eyes "can you please push me on the swings?" his green eyes widen then soften "sure" you run over to the swings and plop yourself on it "come on! Come on!" he runs over and gets behind you "are you ready <C/N>?" you tilt your head back and your <e/c> eyes meet his soft green ones "yha!" he gives you a good push "weeee!" you laugh as your daddy pushes you higher and higher "is that high enough love?" you laugh more "yha! And I'm going to jump daddy" he got a worried look across his face.

"Love I don't think you should, you might hurt yourself" you look to him " No I won't, now on the count of three I'm going to jump." England tells you "no please" "One" "love don't" "two" "Don-" "Three!!" you take a big leap out of the seat and fly through the air and England catches you just in time before you hit the ground but from your force he ends up falling on the sand "see?! I told you I wouldn't get hurt" he holds you tight "That's because I caught you" you look to his worried eyes " Next time please lesion to me, I don't want you to get hurt <C/N>. What if daddy didn't catch you?"

You tried to find the words to say but you couldn't all you could think of was "I'm sorry, but it was fun daddy" he hugs you "Fun can be dangerous you know" he felt you were a Country like America, Strong and wanting to be his self or in this case herself. "Daddy can we go home now? I'm getting tired" he looked to the sky and the sun was setting "yes love we can"

You two get home and he lays you down in his bed next to him. "Today was pretty long wasn't it love?" you yawn and snuggle into his chest "uh huh" you put your little thumb into your mouth "night daddy, I love you" he blushes and strokes your <h/c> hair "Night love, have sweet dreams"
HAHAAHA!!! this only took me more then a month to write the 2end part of this story XD -______- im so sorry i took forever on this.... if you don't get this please read the first part here! [link]
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