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September 7, 2012
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Daddy EnglnadXChild Reader

The rain poured hard as the two brother nations were about to brake there ever so close bond. " I won't allow it!" the English man demanded "I'm tired of you taking away my freedom, from now on I want be my own self England!" the blue eyed man said. England dashes towards the American with his gun lunging it fast.

America blocks England's rifle with his own, and says with a stern voice their eyes meet "You can call me… INDIPENDENT!" then England yells back refusing America's own words "you can't do that!" England leans off for a sec then hits America's rifle just right and sent his rifle flying.

England raises his rifle to him, and America's blue eyes lock with his brother's green eyes once again. "Do it! Let's see if you become great again, once you shoot me your own brother" England's mind flashes memories of America when he was little. He lower's his Rifle "damn it, I can't shoot you" he falls to his knees crying "DAMN IT WHY!?" then America says in a soft voice "you know why".  

Two days after its still raining and all England can do is look out his widow remembering 2 days ago over and over again.

You were a small nation just coming into the new changing world, and you were lost and confused. It was raining hard and no one would talk to you let alone notice you "excuse me sir?". You had a cute but soft voice "miss? Ma- Ah!" you tripped over the lady's feet and you fall face first into a puddle, your cloths get all wet and muddy. You get back up and get away from the crowd.

After a while you end up seeing lots of houses, you wanted to go up to one and knock and see if anyone would take you in, but sense no one helped you before you just bushed the thought aside. Not even fifteen minutes has passed and your extremely exhausted (it's raining still) "maybe if I just sleep on a porch and leave the next morning then I'll be fine" you said to yourself, you take notice to the next house coming up.

You couldn't really see its exact features but it was a big house with a big yard and fence but no gate blocking the way, so you decided on that house, after you pass the front gate you see a flag hanging on the railway of the house with a cross theme and with the color's red, white and blue. "That's so cool!" you thought to yourself once again.

Once you get to the porch you study the flag closely this time and it had rips and tares throughout the flag, of course you questioned it. Then you got an idea "maybe if I dry it out I can use it as a blanket!" you get it off the rail and try to ring it out, but you couldn't dry it after all. "mmmmn, I guess I can't be warm after all" you cutely pout then you lay by the door of the house and try to fall asleep.

England wakes up after a restless night of sleeping and notices it stopped raining and he looks out his window into the streets of London. Then after he gets dressed he go's down staris and dicides to go for morning walk, but after he opened his door he was surprised to see a little girl sleeping on his porch "she has to be at least five" he thought to himself" as looking to you, more memories of young America flashes in his memory, then he shakes his head trying to get rid of the memories. "I wonder who she belongs to?" he couldn't stop looking at you, you looked so adorable to him, with that pudgy face and tiny body.

He sighs "I must well" he picks you up gently and puts you in his arms your head over his shoulder, England chuckles slightly and whispers "I guess you're a heavy sleeper" his eyes soften then get wide when he notice his flag is layed out over the swing "was she trying to dry it out?" he takes you into his house and lays you on his leather couch

"she's dirty but that won't hurt my couch much" then he go's and gets a blanket, the only one he found that wouldn't consume your tiny body was one that America had when he was that small. He gently puts it over your small body "there love now you can warm up more" you self-consciously grab the blanket with your tiny hands. England smiles and go's and reads a book waiting for you to awake.

(A few hours later)

You open your eyes gently to a new place you didn't recognize and scan the whole area, as you do you see a man with BUSHY eyebrows. He looks to you away from his book "ah love your awake" you sit up and rub your eyes and yawn cutely "Mister? Did you bring me inside your house?" he smiles and nods his head "yes love, I found you sleeping on my porch so I brought you in" a tiny smile appeared on your face "so what's your name love?" you say in a soft voice "I'm…. I'm uhhh" he got a questioned look "do you not know your name?" you shake your head "I do! I do! It's…" then it finally comes out of you "I'm the country of <CN>"

England looked surprised for a sec" Country of <CN>?" he didn't hear anything about any new country's emerging "is something wrong Mr.…… uh" he comes back to you "its England love" he says with a smile "oh! Hi Mr. England!" you had a such a happy face "so how long have you been a country?" he asks and you think hard but you couldn't come up with an answer, then he chuckles again "that's ok love, it's not that important. But what is, we got to get you clean again" you look down to your cloths and they were covered in mud.

"yha some people pushed me over and I fell in a puddle of mud' you frown cutely "well that wasn't very nice of them!" England said to you. You nod and agree "yha they were mean heads!" he nods "well love we really need you to be clean, so I think a bath would do well" you look at him cutely "so I'll go start up the bath and I'll come get you when the tub is full okay?" you nod your head fast "okay!" a few minutes later and England comes back " you ready?" you jump up holding your tiny arms up to him " yha, yha !" he picks you up, your head against his chest and takes you to the bathroom.

he helps you get out of your dirty cloths and plops you into the large tub making a big splash, you giggle "ha-ha! Mr. England got all wet!" he laughs along with you then gets a cup and dumps water over your head " hey! Why did you do that!" you cutely pout "you hair needs to get wet to wash it love" he does the same thing again, and you pout more acting like you didn't like the bath after all.

He washes your hair and try's to wash your body but you get squirmy "hey now, come on I just got a little more to do" you stop for a sec "when can I play?!" he lightly sighs "how about when I'm done washing you? Fair deal love?" you think for a sec then you nod your head "fine…" he finishes washing you "okay you can play now love"

He heads out as you look around for something to play with "hey Mr. England!" he turns his head around "you know you don't have to call me Mr. England" he smiles to you "oh? Then could I call you" you think for a sec, as he stands by the door smiling "DADDY!" his face feels with shock then he thinks to himself "daddy? Why would she call me that?!"

Then he hears a cute voice "daddy do you have any toys I can play with?" each time England heard the word Daddy his gut churned in a weird way "love I don't think Da-" you cut him off "I think so! You took me in, those other people didn't. so please may you be my daddy, daddy?" his gut churns once again but he gives into you "okay love, I'm your daddy" you jump out of tub "yay!" your daddy gets a worried face as you run across the wet floor "love be careful!"

You hug his pant leg tightly and grasp his pants "I love you daddy!" he blushes and that weird churning feeling felt good somehow "I love you to <CN> now" he picks you up your nose touches his "went you going to play in the tub?" your eyes beam "oh yha! I want to play! I want to play!"

He chuckles "okay, okay" he puts you back in the tub " daddy will go look for some toys okay?" you smile and happily nod your head "okay!" after a few minutes he comes back with a toy Pirate ship and some 'figuring's that looked like solders' "awww there boy toys" you pout "yes I know but this is all I have so this will have to do for now" you still have a pouty look on your face" he sighes and says inside his mind "I'm going to regret this"(and I am to X3)

"Oh no! look the Solider is shooting at the pirate ship!" he makes shooting sounds from his mouth, your eyes get wide and get in front of the pirate ship "no! Don't do that! They haven't done anything to you!" then your daddy says back in a different voice " but they stole my goods! They must pay!" you grawl cutely "no you must!" you grab the toy out from your daddy's hand and throw it to the other side of the tub.

"There now you can't hurt my people no more" England was surprised, you were starting to act like a country, he smiles and ruffles your<h/c> hair "come on love its time for you to get out, you got a long day ahead of you still "awwww!!! Do I have to!" he smiles to you softly "I'll make you something scrumptious"

Your eyes widen "really! Okay im ready!!"  he gets you out and dry's you he grabs another towel and wraps it around you like a dress " this will have to do for now" you fallow him to the kitchen "so what do want daddy to make? Fish and chips?"
this is just to Adorable! :thumb124699163:
<CN> = Country Name
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im the country of italian country living with an english country.............hhhhmmmmmm. oh well!!
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also, my country will be... uhm... Limburgania ^.^
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hm.. fish and chips...
a friend of me and I went to London with school and she hated the fish and chips and I loved them :XD:
and I didn't even know Hetalia back then :meow:
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Me: Well, sheit I'm screwed...
LIttle country me: You swore!
Me: the fu- who, what?
Little country me: I'm Austrailia! (I live in Austrailia :P)
Me: O_______________________O O-okay........................WHAT IS LIFE?!

(I don't even know what that was XD)
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